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Each time I use Ashleigh's products is like having my own personal spa treatment. The high quality of the products supersedes that of competitors and deserves praise. It is worth the investment.
- Katie Schutte

I thoroughly enjoy using Ashleigh’s Essence’s products.  The products such as the Pink Grapefruit Bar Soap and Lemongrass Rosemary Bar Soap are an exceptional value for the money.  I feel comfortable using a product that is made of all-natural and high quality ingredients.  The results I get are amazing!  Who would have thought that I would once again shave my legs with soap instead of shaving gel.  I’m happy to be a customer and I’m excited to see what Ashleigh comes up with next!
-Linda Keesee

I love Ashleigh's Essence products!  The soap's and creams are wonderful and they have such nice scents.  I am especially excited about her Face Rejuvenation Serum and Facial Cream.  I have been searching for a long time for a product that I could use on my face, especially around my eyes.  This is the only product that I have found that works great on my sensitive skin!
- Therese Martemucci - Grand Ledge, MI

About six months ago I began reading about all of the harmful ingredients in most skin care products.  In my quest to find safe and effective products I have been so very blessed to meet Ashleigh and to try her line of skin care products.  I have been using Ashleigh's Essence Facial soap, Facial Rejuvenation Serum and Love Your Face Facial Cream for several months.  I have also been using Orange Ginger Body Lotion, Peppermint Foot Cream (every night before I get into bed!), and Lip Balm. I am so thrilled with these products and have even given them as gifts for Birthdays  and Christmas! 
Thank you Ashleigh for your commitment to these wonderful products!
- Terry

I have always used nice products for my face and body since I have both dry and sensitive skin.  For years I spent extra money on Clinique facial products because that was the only thing that kept my skin moist while not irritating it.  Since I have been trying to use more environmentally friendly, all-natural products for my skin, I have spent hundreds of dollars on products like Aveda, Origins, etc.  I was shocked and frustrated to find out that these companies who are known to be "organic" and "natural" continue to use sulfates and other non-natural preservatives in their products.  THANKFULLY, I have switched to Ashleigh's Essence for ALL of my face and body products!!  I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with the quality of products and the results I have seen with my skin.  I use the 3-step facial line everyday and my skin has never felt more smooth and hydrated!  I have never had any skin reactions to any of these products and I feel good knowing that I am putting high-quality, *all-natural* cleansers, lotions, soaps and scrubs on my body.  I even use Ashleigh's Essence soaps, lotions and lip balms on my young children who also have very sensitive, dry skin and it has remedied their eczema completely!  I will never go back to using store bought brands again!
- Amy Rathbun

I just love Ashleigh's products. I sometimes have a problem with dry skin, especially in the winter, and her oatmeal scrub soaps have been wonderful for providing exfoliation and moisture for my skin. I have recently ordered some body butter and I am excited to try it. Thanks, Ashleigh, for your determination to create great products!
- Joy Whitman

I love that the products are so pure and without harmful chemicals, that i can read and know what each ingredient is! I absolutely LOVE her lip balms - the scents are not overwhelming, and they really go on so smooth - not chunky or chalky. Also I have been using the facial set and am loving it. They are gentle, not greasy, and provide the right amount of moisture for my skin. SO thankful for Ashleigh, her passion and her great products!
- Paulina


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